The Tropic of Baseball

Baseball in the Dominican Republic

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“Fans should want to know why such a little Caribbean island has so much baseball talent. . . . On this literally dirt-poor island, baseball is the Dream, the Salvation, the stabilizing societal force. . . . Baseball is all there is."—”

Baseball America

“In the Dominican Republic . . . baseball reigns supreme. San Pedro de Macorís, on the island’s southeast coast, has produced more major league ballplayers per capita than any other town in the world. According to former big leaguer Pedro Gonzalez, ‘Every boy grows up with a bat and a ball—it’s the first present a male baby gets in his crib.’ . . . Ruck offers not only the flavor of Dominican baseball but a spirited and carefully crafted account of the past and present of this complicated game. . . . A rarity in sports history."—”

Journal of American History

“Impressive . . . captures the spirit of the sport as it is played in the Dominican Republic.”

Journal of Sport History

Samuel Regalado, Journal of Sports History, Summer 1997, vol. 24, #2.

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