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I’m working with Edward Muller and Liann Tsoukas, close friends and colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh, on works in progress.

The first, with Ted, is a history of Pittsburgh that focuses on the city’s transitions and tensions since its emergence at the head of the Ohio River in the 18th century. Ted, an urban historian and the leading scholar of Pittsburgh, is a professor emeritus in the History Department at the University of Pittsburgh. We aim to make this an accessible history that captures not only Pittsburgh’s emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse but the role that immigrants and migrants played in the city’s development.

The second, with Liann Tsoukas, is The Mighty Mouth: An African American on the Frontlines. This is a biography of Mal Goode, the grandson of slaves whose parents came north during the Great Migration. Goode lived and worked in Pittsburgh until 1962, becoming an advocate for the black community. He broke television’s color line that year when he became the first national correspondent for a network, debuting on ABC during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A rare mix of fiery activism and journalistic gravitas, Goode afflicted the comfortable and comforted the afflicted until his death in 1995. My co-author is Liann Tsoukas, a member of the History Department at Pitt where she teaches about the African American experience. Liann is a recent winner of the Bellet Teaching Award as the outstanding educator at Pitt.


Rob Ruck

After the energy of the 1960s faded, Rob Ruck began studying labor and social movements at the University of Pittsburgh, where he now teaches the history of sport. In courses, books, and documentaries, he's focused on how different groups of people use sport to tell a story about themselves. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and co-author Maggie Patterson.

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